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Mar. 8th, 2015 09:40 am
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 Hi I'm darzie. You might know me from tumblr or some other parts of the internet.

This is my journal for random fandom stuff, hopefully writing, and general sharing of things I find interesting. Also will probably chat a bit about my life.

I'm always looking for new people to talk to, so don't be afraid to friend me.

If you're into any of the fandoms tagged in my profile and wanna talk about fic/rp drop me a line, I enjoy fandom stuff.

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Jun. 9th, 2015 04:46 pm
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This will be updated as I find things. Last updated 6/2/17

As horror stories many of these will deal with issues of graphic violence, death, suicide, and abuse. I will try to include warnings as best I can.

Stories marked with ** are new.

Posts by 99434646-1 - This is kind of a weird series with a vaguely legal theme and there’s a few things going on. Start reading oldest posts first. CW: suicide, murder, imprisonment, medical experimentation
60 Second War - Surreal. Deals with unreality.

Beacon House - I like the vibe of this one, though I recommend it with the reservation that it uses psychosis as shorthand “for violent and mentally ill”

Black on Black - There’s a monster in the dark. 

Box Fort - Not quite the same as the ones you built as a kid.

Broadcast Interruption - Strange things hijacking signals. 

**Bruxos, New Mexico, my hidden hometown - Night Vale vibes here

The Case File Series - Medical mysteries. Involves lots of medical jargon, but generally worth it. CW: Suicide (iirc), poisoning, and death*Creeping Crimson - Always check reviews for a hotel.

Dial Tone - I for one am glad for cellphones.

Does it hurt when you sleep? -it’s hard to get good rest these days

Everything is Rotten - Revenge is rotten. CW: for spousal abuse, implied? murder

Found a Cryptic Note… - There’s rain. Bad rain. CW: Suicide

The Fourteenth Floor - Libraries are liminal spaces and nothing will convince me otherwise

I Cheated on my Wife and Now Car Parts Are Appearing Around my House - The vengeful spirits would like a car.

Infected Town - A rather long one, and there are some links, but the concept is rather close to my heart. CW: Parasites

It Said Hello - Aliens. There are coded messages, but if you scroll do the comments people decode them.

**I found a journal in the CIA’s archive room. - The CIA is definitely up to something. CW: imprisonment, murder.

**I’ve Been Getting The Strangest Messages On My New Phone - Don’t listen to strange voicemails. CW: Death

I work for a multinational medical device manufacturer. Sometimes things go wrong. - When you get instructions, follow them. CW: Parasites

Judging by the message I found, someone, somewhere, is lonelier than I am… - This is a series. You can read the first part as a stand alone, and walk away, or continue the series.

The Memetic Symbol - A memetic hazard, someone should get the SCP foundation on this.

My dad was a safety officer at Chernobyl… - There are things out there.

**New interactive camera learns about you while it records - free hardware should not be trusted

The Night Wire - Written in 1926, telegraphs from another place.

The Nuclear Incident on Bumblebee Lane - It’s the end of the world as we know it 

Obscurity Man
- A rather obscure monster. Totally for hipsters. CW: suicide, specifically driven to suicide

Old Florida Boat Trip - Strange things in the backwoods. 

The Pancake Family - A cold case finally solved. CW: gore, body horror

The Pill - Short and gut punchy

Rooms available for cheap. - It’s not a very nice building. 

The Strangest Security Tape I’ve Ever Seen - That’s one way to spend your time.

There are few things as depressing and shitty as working in a seaside British pub - This pub has some interesting inhabitants. A series.

**They Live Underwater - There’s something strange in the lake.

When Gods Blink - Rather existential.

**When Rats and the Internet Collide - Always listen to your gods.

Whimsywood - An amusement park you don’t want to visit. CW: cannibalism, death of children


Mar. 7th, 2015 01:41 am
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 This is my journal for fandom things, attempts at writing, where I might post art sometimes, and generally update on life stuff. I'm trying to spread away from tumblr, and I need somewhere to keep busy with things, so here we are.

This post is mostly here because I don't like having a blank journal.

I'm probably gonna end up posting links and stuff, etc.


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